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Harrow and District Bowling Association News

January 2024 to December 2024 News

15th February 2024

The Site has now been updated for the results of the 84th AGM which included election of officers a revised Constitution, inclusion of women in the Coronation Shield and Portman Trophy, and reduction of ends in Pairs/fours/Coronation/Portman Pairs

January 2023 to December 2023 News

15th November 2023

Bidgood "Fixture Process" page amended for 2024 Fixtures.  Amendment removes Stanmore B fixtures as they have withdrawn from the league and corrects two typos on the Cavendish row (only) for Harrow Weald and Uxbridge

19th October 2023

Stanmore "B" have withdrawn from Bidgood Division2 

5th October 2023

For the avoidance of any doubt it should be noted that both Wealdstone and West Harrow have both closed at the end of the season so will not be playing any future matches.

22nd September 2023

A fifth AGM proposal has been supplied see "AGM Proposals"

21st September 2023

The schedule of home and away designations for 2024 Bidgood League matches may now be found on the "Bidgood fixture process"


Also a fourth AGM proposal has been supplied see "AGM Proposals"

12th September 2023

The 84th AGM will be held at Century BC on 18th October 2023 at 7.00pm

Any proposals that clubs may have for consideration at the AGM should be submitted to the webmaster by no later than end of 26th September 2023.   See the "AGM Proposals" page for the process and format for submitting proposals and also to see the three proposals already received.

7th September 2023

The results of the Finals Day competitions have been uploaded onto the "Competitions Results and Fixture" page.

31st August 2023

Congratulations to Hendon and Harrow A who are promoted to Division 1 in the Bidgood league for next season.   

Provisional tables for 2024 season is on the "Bidgood Details page"


Congratulations also go to Century and Deane Park for their promotions to Div 1 and 2 respectively in the Veterans league for next season.   

Provisional tables for 2024 season is on the "Veterans Details page"


23rd August 2023

Appologies I updated the site but forgot to publish it, you should now see the 2023 finals day order of play


23rd August 2023

Order of play for 2023 Finals Day can now be found in the competitions section as "Finals Day 2023"

8th August 2023

Herga Indoor Bowls club have asked us to notiy you that they are holding an open day 0n 7th October 2023, as per attached notification on temporary page "Herga Open Day" within the News and Admin section- note that the page will be removed after the open day.

30th July 2023

Note tomorrow is the deadline for submitting additional teams to the Bidgood and Vets league for next season (as permanently indicated in the red box outline on this page).  if you have overlooked this or just forgotten then we will still accept applications for consideration upto Saturday 5th August but no later.

28th May 2023

Please note that the recent World Bowls rule change regarding forfeiture of games for displacing bowls has been rescinded with immediate effect.  PDF copy of the World Bowls letter is here:

"World Bowls Letter 25/05/23"


1st May 2023

Unfortunately there were a few errors in the published competition contacts list .  These have now been corrected.


5th April 2023

Andy Docker has kindly agreed to take on the role of verifying the consistency of "A" and "B" team players taking part in matches with the listings nominated and reported by clubs at the start of the season.    Accordingly electronic copies of the signed results cards should be sent to him rather than the Webmaster as previously advised.  Result Reporting Procedures for both the Veterans and Bidgood leagues have been added to the website for reference:- 

click on link - Veterans    Bidgood

2nd March 2023

Apologies to those of you that have been trying to view the league fixture lists I hadn't switched on the View function.   I have now switched it on but beware the fixture lists are incomplete at the moment as I am awaiting details from the various clubs. as they are received the site will be updated accordingly.   I will advise once they are completed.

1st March 2023

The draws for the Portman Cup and Coronation Shield have now been completed and can be found under the 

Competions Results and Fixtures

16th February 2023

Due to a technical glitch the draws for both the Portman Cup and Coronation Shield will be redone in the near future, please discard any copies you may have already printed.

All other draws are not affected.

14th February 2023

Contact details for all teams and competition entrants for 2023 have now been updated and can be found under:

Competition Team club contacts

Competition contacts

Club contacts Veterans 

Club contacts Bidgood


10th February 2023

The draws for all the Harrow and District competitions have now been completed and can be found (and/or printed) on the website at 

Competions Results and Fixtures , and

Veterans Results and Fixtures for the Veterans League Cup.

Contact details will be updated next week.

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