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Harrow and District Bowling Association Archived News

May 2020 to December 2021 News

6th December 2021

The majority of the site updates for the 2022 season have now been done.   In particular the updates include

Fixture lists for all of next years Veterans and Bidgood matches

Amendments to the rules of the Vets, Vets cup and Bidgood leagues as approved at the AGM

Scorecards for Vets and Bidgood for self service printing

If you have any comments or suggested improvements or additions please feel free to email at

1st December 2021

The minutes of the AGM held on 24th November can now be seen in the News and Admin section 

Note the carried rule changes have yet to be updated on the relevant web pages, I will advise once done.

30th November 2021

Welcome to the newly appointed officials approved at the AGM:

Secretary  :                               Steve Flain of Wealdstone BC

General Committee members : Andy Docker of Century BC

                                                  John Lever of Lupton BC

Full list of Association Officials can be found under the News and Admin tab

Also as agreed at the AGM the home page now includes a reminder (on the right hand side) of the need for new entrants to register their intent to join the Bidgood and/or Veterans Leagues by 31st July.

9th November 2021

   Today the process of archiving the 2021 fixtures and results to the "results prior years" tab and the set up ready for receiving 2022 fixtures and results is commencing, so please bear this in mind if the page contents you are referring to appear to have changed.   The general format will remain unchanged, however WIX appear to have finally resolved their table system problem so if tests are successful we may reintroduce the results and table reporting directly on the web pages IN ADDITION TO maintaining the spreadsheet link/reporting that we have been using throughout the majority of the 2021 season.

4th November 2021

   AGM proposals 6 and 7 added to the AGM Proposals Page

   Note the deadline for submission of any additional proposals is November 11th

25th October 2021

   AGM proposals 4 and 5 added to the AGM Proposals Page

22nd October 2021

   In order to reflect the actual processes and the lack of Secretaries for the Veterans and Bidgood leagues  AGM proposal No. 3 has been submitted and may be viewed on the AGM Proposals page

21st October 2021

   AGM to be held on Wednesday 24th November at 6.00pm for latest start of business at 6.30pm.   The location will be

Herga Indoor Bowls Club

Adjoining Harrow Leisure Centre

184, Christchurch Avenue, Wealdstone

Harrow  HA3 8NW

An email is being sent to each club for them to nominate an attendee for the meeting.   If your club does not appear to have received the email by the 29th October please have your Club Secretary make contact.

19th October 2021

A.    Derek Mowle has decided to resign from the role of Bidgood League Secretary and as an officer of the Association.   The Association wishes him well for the future and thanks him for his service over the years.

B.     The Association now has several vacant positions. The continued survival of the Association is dependent on the support from its membership it is therefore vital that at least some of the vacancies be filled at this years AGM.    We need volunteers and/or nominations from member clubs. Please advise the names to Rod Fraser (contact:- if you are interested in any of the open positions ASAP for inclusion in the AGM papers.

The open positions are:


Veterans League Secretary

Bidgood League Secretary

C.  In order to ensure the prompt reporting of match results, league tables and current news on the website it would be helpful to have someone who could provide temporary cover for myself (as Webmaster) if I should become temporarily incapacitated due to illness or lack of WiFi access.  The Only requirements are the possession of a computer or laptop and home WiFi access, and approximately 15 minutes per day of your time when providing the cover, all other training if required will be provided.   If you are interested in the role please contact me at  h.and.dba@outlook .com

15th October 2021

Reminder: If you wish to enter the District competitions for 2022 all entries must be submitted by 31 December 2021.   Entry forms have already been sent to the club Secretaries so please contact your club Secretary if you wish to enter any of the competitions.


8th October 2021

See the AGM proposal page for a new proposal regarding the Veterans league


Also subject to any resignations from the Veterams league the Veterans Details web page has been updated with the list of clubs within each Division for 2022 season.  Click HERE to go to it.

6th October 2021

The Bidgood Details web page has been updated with the list of clubs within each Division for 2022 season.  Click HERE to go to it

Note that with the introduction of two new teams to Division 2, Hendon will now remain in Division 1 in order to balance the number of teams in each Division

15th September 2021

Thank you letter from the District Committee re the finals et al.   (PDF document available on request)


10th September 2021

Congratulations to Northwood A as winners of the Veterans League Cup.

7th September 2021

With all the results for the Veterans now received its Congratulations to Stanmore , Century and Harrow B the winners of Divisions 1, 2 & 3 respectfully.

That also means that for the 2022 season, Century will be promoted from Divisions 2 up to Division 1, and Harrow B from Division 3 to Division 2 , with Wealdstone moving down to Division 2 and West Harrow down to Division 3

Final positions of all Veterans and Bidgood teams may be viewed in the Summary of League Tables.

6th September 2021

Northwood and Pinner win their Veterans League Cup semi-finals. Final to be played on Thursday at Harrow BC.

5th September 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Competitions , details of which can be found on the Competition Results and Fixtures web page.

3rd September 2021

With all the results for the Bidgood now received its Congratulations to Northwood A and Stanmore the winners of Divisions 1 & 2 respectfully.

That also means that for the 2022 season, Stanmore and Century will be promoted from Division 2 up to Division 1, with Pinner A and Hendon moving down to Division 2.

Final positions of all Bidgood teams may be viewed in the Summary of League Tables


26th August 2021

Finals Day at Lupton Bowls Club, Schedule for the day click HERE or go to the finals day page under the Competitions tab.


17th August 2021

See the AGM proposal page under News and Admin tab for a proposed change to the Bidgood Rules for next season.


11th August 2021

David Poole, former Treasurer for the District Association, and long term member of Roxeth BC has sadly passed away at the age of 79 following a long illness.

His funeral will be on 19th August at Breakspear at 10.30


8th August 2021

Following questions raised, just to confirm that the Veterans League Cup Semi finals are scheduled for 6th September at Harrow BC, and that both the Semis and the Final are at 2.00pm.

6th August 2021

If and until Wix can correctly reinstate their table function I have suspended all the current Competition,Veterans, and Bidgood league tables and fixture pages and replaced them with new "Results and Fixture" pages within each section which will take you to the equivalent of the old "mobile friendly" versions. So you will get the same up to date information, just slightly less conveniently.   As usual let me know if you spot any errors and/or have any comments or suggestions.

Please also note I have edited the AGM proposal process to make it clearer that the "club contacts" are those people listed on the "club details and contacts" page within the News and Admin tab.

4th August 2021

Note that the Quarterfinals for all Competitions have now been completed and the results updated on the site.

There is now a new trial page under the News and Admin tab to report proposals for rule changes etc to be submitted to the AGM, however please note within the process which is described the proposals must be submitted by your "Club Contact" as listed in the "Club" section of the same tab.

30th July 2021

Well I don't know what WIX did to fix the problem but they truly messed it up completely.   None of the tables are currently working correctly so please click on the  "mobile friendly version" or the "Print" option to view the various tables.

29th July 2021

Appologies if you are having problems trying to view various items such as the league tables.   The site hoster, WIX, is aware of this general problem and is in the process of trying to fix it.

27th July 2021

Obituary for Jack Webb of Harrow Bowls club who died 21st July after a fall and catching pneumonia. 

(PDF document available on request)  


26th July 2021

Portman Trophy and Coronation Shield quarter final results now updated under the competitions tab.

16th July 2021

All competitions scheduled to be completed on or before 16th July plus the triples scheduled for 19th July are now complete and updated on the site.

13th July 2021

The PDF versions of the competition tables have been removed and replaced with an option "to print", similar to the "Summary of league tables" print option ( see news item below for 9th July 2021).

This will mean that the print version of the competition tables will automatically provide the most up to date position reported to the site unlike the PDF version which was a manually inputted copy on an ad hoc basis.

Final results for Round 3 of the Singles, Round 2 of the 2 Woods and Round 2 of Veterans League Cup are now available.

9th July 2021

A summary of the league tables is now available as a link under the result reporting links on this page (just above). 

Once you open it you can then, if you wish, click on "File" (top left) scroll down to and click  the "Print" option, followed by "Next" and then "Print" and thence print the summary on one page of A4 paper.

(I hope).

30th June 2021

A PDF print option for all the competition charts as well as the Veterans League Cup is now available.   Just click on the PDF document and it will open in a new tab/window and you can then just print from there to pin on your notice boards.

Results for Pairs and Portman Cup now updated..

22nd June 2021

All competition results, other than the Pairs and Portman cup now uploaded to the website.

15th June 2021

An additional reporting option has been added to allow teams to raise a dispute if they believe any results reported on the website are incorrect. 

NB you will need to provide a copy of the signed results sheet to support any dispute.


11th June 2021

Promotions/Relegations end of 2021 for Veterans and Bidgood league divisions


Following the withdrawal of Ruislip A and Harrow Weald from the Bidgood league and the withdrawal of Ruislip A and Eastcote B from the Veterans league those teams will now be eliminated from the league tables.

At the end of the 2021 season in accordance with rule 4 of the Bidgood league the top 2 teams of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 and the bottom two teams of Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2.

Similarly in accordance with rule 5 of the Veterans league the top team in Divisions 2 and 3 will be promoted and the bottom team in Divisions 1 and 2 will be relegated.

1st June 2021

1st Round results for the singles, doubles, and triples competition now published - see appropriate competition tab.

17th May2021

CORRECTION to news of 19th April - Harrow Weald WILL still be participating in the Veterans league

14th May 2021

Match Result reporting updated to allow for input of "half points"  (.5) instead of just whole numbers.   Apologies for any confusion caused.


Also the proforma results reporting card for Vets matches has been updated to provide more space to enter the scores.

7th May 2021

Bidgood fixture lists now complete.

Also the site now has a copy of the proforma Bidgood results card available for printing if needed.

6th May 2021

Eastcote B will not be participating in the Vets league Div 3 this season.

2nd May 2021

Our sincere condolences go to the family of Ted Fielder of Century Bowling Club who recently passed away.

Page with links to Middlesex Bowling Association added to the "News and Contacts" section

19th April 2021

Proforma score cards for the Vets matches are available for printing on the "Results Card" section of the Veterans tab

Ruislip A and Harrow Weald will not be participating in the Veterans or Bidgood league in 2021   CORRECTION - Harrow Weald will still be participating in the Veterans league

24th March 2021

      2021 Season Preparations:

Website has been updated with the Competition and Vets League Cup Fixtures planned for 2021 - assuming Covid 19 does not create complications. Contacts have also been updated, including those for the Coronation Shield and Portman Trophy.

September 2019 to April 2020 News

26th April 2020

         More sad news:  Please be advised that past president Len Bartlett passed away on 23rd April.   Our deepest condolences go to his wife Carol.

11th April 2020

          After taking up the position of Veterans League and Cup Secretary in 2005, Kevin Keefe has decided that this will be his last season in the position and will be resigning.   We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin for his loyal service and time dedication to this important role for the District.

          That will of course mean that if the Veterans League and Cup is to continue in 2021 onward we will need to appoint a new Secretary for the League.   If you are interested in supporting the Association and taking on this role please advise Bryn Grewcock (Treasurer - see contacts (officers) page for details) of your willingness to take this on.   Kevin Keeefe is also available to provide any additional details about the role should you be interested.

19th March 20220

        Due to restrictions on group gatherings which may continue for several months the decision has been made to cancel all H&DBA competitions and leagues for the 2020 season.   Once the restrictions are lifted then clubs can obviously arrange alternative friendly matches for the rest of the season.

15th March 2020

          Sad news: Please be advised that Peggy Charlwood, wife of past president Arthur Charlwood passed away on 12th March.   Will advise of funeral arrangements when notified.

7th March 2020

          2020 club contacts for Bidgood league added to a new tab under the Bidgood section.   In addition the fixture tables for Divisions 1 and 2 of the Bidgood league have been updated with the 2020 dates.

16th February 2020  -  updated 7th March 2020


We are looking for venues to host our semi-finals in August this year as was agreed at the A.G.M.

The option of laying on food is up to the hosting clubs, the dates are as follows


MONDAY         17/8/20      SINGLES   Woodcock park B.C.

TUESDAY        18/8/20      PAIRS        Harrow B.C.

WEDNESDAY  19/8/20      TRIPLES   Pinner B.C.

THURSDAY      20/8/20      FOURS     Wealdstone B.C.

FRIDAY             21/8/20      2 WOODS Kingsbury B.C.

All games to commence at 6.00pm.   Please reply to Rod Fraser competition secretary at, mobile 07941183851


9th January 2020

        Happy New Year to all.   The old web site has now been ceased and hopefully any links you have now bring you here.

13th December 2019

         Result Reporting pages have been added to the site menu so that results can be reported via the site on the day of the match using your mobile or computer.   Usage of this facility will mean that generally the Results, League Tables, Cup and Competition status being updated in less than 24 hours (even by 9.00am the following day).

        Everyone is encouraged to use this facility with a view to replacing all other forms of reporting other than providing the actual signed score cards (or scanned / photographed copies thereof ) to the appropriate competition/league/cup Secretaries, though in the future that too may be replaced if all clubs could agree to upload the scanned/photographed version to the web site.

        A convenient link has also been added to the start of the Home page to save having to use the normal menu.

16th November 2019

         New site development finished but still open for comments and suggestions even after the old site is replaced

15th November 2019

       OLD website to be replaced mid to late December - barring any unforeseen technicalities - from which time only the NEW site will be available - but the new site will continue use the old name of

6th November 2019
           NEW WEBSITE - A replacement website is currently under development and can be previewed here:- 
         (  you are already looking at it   )
         Once it is put into production the site reference will be as of today ie so you should not need to change your "favourites" etc   
          Please take a look, and as always feel free to give me your comments and suggestions  (email top right).   
          At this point the development site has pages set up for all I currently intend to include.    Pages I am not intending to transfer unless there are major objections are:- Fixtures, Charity Day, Tours, Associated Member, Photo Album, Past Seasons and In Memorium, and also I will not be transferring the historic news items - All of these items are no longer part of the Associations current activities hence their ommission. 

2nd November 2019

   Officer and Club contacts updated to include changes from the AGM 24th October 2019 in addition the AGM changes to the Competitions Rules have now been incorporated in the rules page


Portman Trophy and Coronation Shield Dates for 2020 updated

30th October 2019
      John Lever of Lupton Bowling Club, has taken on the role of Webmaster.

      The Association wishes to thank Tony Waller for all his efforts in fullfilling this role over the years.

      John's contact email is as noted in the footer of each page.

      Please feel free to send him any comments/request/recommendations you may have for the website.

30th September 2019

     Final Veteran's League Results and Tables for 2019 online

22nd September 2019

     Final Bidgood League Results and Tables for 2019 online

8th September 2019

     Finals Day Results

2 Woods                Attillio Ciampini (Uxbridge)   21

                             Eddie Lane (Stanmore)          20
Singles                  Attilio Ciampini (Uxbridge)     21

                             Brian Hearn (Hendon)            11
Pairs                     John and Jason Lyttle (Hendon)                18

                             Michael Kopp and Nigel Ward (Uxbridge) 12
Triples                   D Fyne, Barry Hartog, David Stockman (Woodcock Park)   22

                             James Lewington, Bob Syme, Malcolm Mills (Ladygate)       8
Fours                    Steve Flain, Dave Higgs, David Vine & Chris Daykin (Wealdstone)   31

                             R Gadd, Henry Melsom, David Powell & Ted Fielder (Century)           8
Portman Trophy     Pinner                         62

                             Northwood                  43
Coronation Shield  Harefield Hospital       41

                             Hendon                       37

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