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AGM Proposals

This page will be used to collate proposals for future AGMs.   Only "Club contacts" as listed on the Club Details and Contacts page under the News and Admin tab (who will be assumed to be acting on behalf of, and with the authority of, their respective Clubs), or "Officials" as listed on the Officials Page will be able to submit proposals which should be sent to the Webmaster via email.    If you do not meet these criteria you will need to submit your proposal via your "Club contact" as indicated above.  Officers reserve the right not to publish any proposals they deem to be inappropriate.

Proposals will be published as submitted (copied and pasted) along with the name of the Club, or Official making the proposal so please ensure it is correctly and appropriately worded before submission.    Any proposed rule changes should include details of the existing rule to be changed including the current wording and paragraph reference numbers as currently displayed on this web site, as well as the new specific wording of the revised rule.   If it is a proposed new rule rather than a change please indicate this in your proposal.

Final acceptance or rejection of any proposal will be sanctioned at the AGM as per normal, though "proposers' " will have the option to withdraw their proposal in advance of the AGM if they so wish.   In order for a proposal to be voted on at the AGM it will be necessary for another Club or Officer to formally "second" the proposal in person at the AGM.

Season 23/24 Proposals for AGM on 18th October 2023 at 7.00pm at Century B.C.

All proposals to be received by no later than 26th September 2023

Proposal A  - 12/9/23 from H&D Executive Committee - Acceptance of the Constitution and Rules as shown below. 


  The Constitution and Rules have been updated to reflect the physical changes since the last update of 2008.  These are primarily the elimination of reference to conducting matches outside the District, Raising of benevolent funds, and the composition of the Executive Committee.       

 A.                                                                            PDF file for downloading  :  

Proposal B  -  12/9/23 from Northwood BC   -   Rink Selection in competitions

To add an additional rule (after rule 12) in the Competition Rules to give the default option of allowing clubs to preselect the rinks on which competitions will be played, but with the safeguard that the opponent may object and request a random selection instead.

B.   Competition Rule 13 (new rule so current 13 and onwards to be renumbered)   :  The Home player is responsible for arranging a rink. For clubs that draw for rinks in any playing session, the Harrow and District game will be entered for that draw. For Clubs where rinks are booked in advance, a rink booking should be made, but if the Opponent, on arrival, objects to that rink, that rink and another rink on that green which is available and playable should be offered in a random draw between those two rinks.

Proposal C  -  12/9/23 from Competition Secretary   -   Number of ends to be played in Pairs and Fours competitions

Due to popular demand to shorten game length and avoid play in poor light conditions it is proposed that:

C.   Competition Formats   :  Matches played in the Fours competition, the Pairs competition, the Coronation Shield, and the Pairs game within the Portman Trophy shall be played over 18 ends rather than the 21 ends that have been played in the past.

Proposal D  -  21/9/23 from Woodcock Park B.C.   -   Set dates for Portman Trophy matches to be on a Sunday rather than the current Saturday:

Some clubs have difficulty in fielding teams for Saturday morning consequently it is proposed that the set dates for Portman Trophy matches, recently designated as a Saturday, should be changed to a Sunday as was the case for all years up to 2019.    Note this is not a rule change, merely a change to recent standard practice, the current rule 6 (ii )shown below would still apply.

Current Rule 6 (ii)   -   The Portman Trophy and Coronation Shield will be played on set dates agreed by the executive.   By mutual agreement ties may be played earlier than the set date.

Proposal E  -  22/9/23 from Wealdstone B.C.  -   Allow Ladies to participate in both the Coronation Shield and Portman Trophy:

Several clubs struggle to regularly field full teams that represent the strength of their club, therefore it is proposed ladies be allowed to participate as required, and add to rule 1 the phrase "except for both the Coronation Shield and Portman Trophy in which female members will also be able to participate."


E Revised Competition Rule 1 : The Competition shall be open to all male members of affiliated clubs except for both the Coronation Shield and Portman Trophy in which female members will also be able to participate. No restriction shall be placed upon any member playing in more than one Competition, but he shall not play for more than one club in Harrow & District Competitions.

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