If you are interested in any of these roles please contact any of the Officers for further information, remember without officers to run it the Association cannot continue to operate.

Competitions and League Tables

Note League Tables updated within 24 hours of match reporting on the website whereas postal reporting can take several days.  (This also applies to Coronation Shield, Portman Cup and Vets Cup). So please encourage your captains to do the electronic reporting which can be done on any smart phone or computer.

Can Bowling Clubs please actively encourage/nominate their members to take on the Veterans League and Cup Secretary position for 2021 onwards

Latest News 

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27th July 2021

Obituary for Jack Webb of Harrow Bowls club who died 21st July after a fall and catching pneumonia.   

26th July 2021

Portman Trophy and Coronation Shield quarter final results now updated under the competitions tab.

16th July 2021

All competitions scheduled to be completed on or before 16th July plus the triples scheduled for 19th July are now complete and updated on the site.

13th July 2021

The PDF versions of the competition tables have been removed and replaced with an option "to print", similar to the "Summary of league tables" print option ( see news item below for 9th July 2021).

This will mean that the print version of the competition tables will automatically provide the most up to date position reported to the site unlike the PDF version which was a manually inputted copy on an ad hoc basis.

Final results for Round 3 of the Singles, Round 2 of the 2 Woods and Round 2 of Veterans League Cup are now available.

9th July 2021

A summary of the league tables is now available as a link under the result reporting links on this page (just above). 

Once you open it you can then, if you wish, click on "File" (top left) scroll down to and click  the "Print" option, followed by "Next" and then "Print" and thence print the summary on one page of A4 paper.

(I hope).

15th June 2021

An additional reporting option has been added to allow teams to raise a dispute if they believe any results reported on the website are incorrect. 

NB you will need to provide a copy of the signed results sheet to support any dispute.

11th June 2021

Promotions/Relegations end of 2021 for Veterans and Bidgood league divisions


Following the withdrawal of Ruislip A and Harrow Weald from the Bidgood league and the withdrawal of Ruislip A and Eastcote B from the Veterans league those teams will now be eliminated from the league tables.

At the end of the 2021 season in accordance with rule 4 of the Bidgood league the top 2 teams of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 and the bottom two teams of Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2.

Similarly in accordance with rule 5 of the Veterans league the top team in Divisions 2 and 3 will be promoted and the bottom team in Divisions 1 and 2 will be relegated.

17th May2021

CORRECTION to news of 19th April - Harrow Weald WILL still be participating in the Veterans league

6th May 2021

Eastcote B will not be participating in the Vets league Div 3 this season.

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