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Harrow & District Veterans League Cup Rules

                                      (amended for rule changes approved at AGM on 24th November 2021)

 1)   This Competition will be known as the Harrow & District Veterans League Cup.


 2)   All clubs entering the main league may enter the league cup. Clubs not entering the main league are not eligible to enter the league cup. Additionally clubs with only 1 entry in the main league may only enter 1 team in the League Cup, additional entries will not be permitted. Clubs entering 2 teams in the League Cup must provide the League Secretary with the names of who will be in the “A” and “B” teams before their opening fixture. A player already on one team list who has not yet played for that team in the current season shall be permitted to play for the other team. In this event he / she is automatically transferred to the team list for which he / she has played and cannot play for his/ her original team during that season. The League rule regarding “B” squad players making single appearances for the “A” squad without penalty does not apply in the Cup.


 3)   The draw for the League Cup will be made in its entirety alongside the main Competition draws in early May. The closing date for entries into the League Cup therefore will be the same as the main competitions. The first team drawn will be the Challenger and the 2nd the opponent.


 4)   The closing date for each round will be set by the Competition Secretary up to the Quarter Finals which must be played by the 3rd Monday in August. The Semi Finals and Final will be played in early September on a green to be arranged by the League Secretary. Dress for the Semi Finals and Final will be whites.


 5)   The Winners of the League Cup final will receive the Cecil Griffiths Trophy that they will hold for one year.


 6)   (i)   All matches will be 3 triples of 18 ends. The aggregate score will decide the winner. In the event of the fixture being drawn all three triples will play one extra end. If the aggregate scores are still level another extra end will be played by all 3 triples until a result is reached.

       (ii)  Allocation of rinks – The home side will select the rinks to be used for the match, these will be depicted for rink allocation purposes by the use of an identifying marker e.g. numbered disc, playing card etc. The away Captain will then shuffle the home sides scorecards and place them at random on the chosen identifying markers. The home Captain will then repeat the process with the away sides scorecards to complete the process.


 7)   In the event of a match being abandoned before its full conclusion the result will stand provided that an aggregate of 18 ends has been played across the 3 triples. If 18 ends have not been played then the match can be replayed on a mutually convenient date subject to rules 9 & 10 being complied with. If a mutually convenient date is not available then the result will be decided by the toss of a coin.


 8)   Each player must be 60 years of age or over on the day of the match and be a member of the club who they are representing. There are no restrictions on the number of ladies who make up the triples. Each club may choose the composition of their own triples.



 9)   All matches should be played on mutually agreed dates. The challenger must offer 3 dates, all of which must be mid week afternoons. The offer must be made no later than seven days after the closing date of the previous round. Clubs can agree by mutual consent to play mid week evenings or weekend mornings.



 10)   The winning club must phone the result through to the League Secretary within 24 hours of the match being played. The completed scorecards signed by both Captains must follow within 7 days. Any results not received by the League Secretary by 1030hrs on the closing date of the round will result in both teams being disqualified. All clubs still involved in the competition will receive an updated draw sheet, as per all the other Competitions shortly after the end of the previous round.



 11)   Any matter in dispute shall be decided by the League Secretary, together with the principle Officers of the Association and their decision will be final. 

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